Wives of Muhammad: Aisha bint Abi Bakr

Muhammad married at least 15 different women, and he consummated marriages with at least 13 different women. Muhammad’s favorite wife, however, was Aisha, the daughter of his best friend, Abu Bakr. Aisha was six years old when Muhammad married her, and she was nine years old when the marriage was consummated. When Muhammad died, Aisha was 18 years old. Since the Qur’an declares that no one can marry Muhammad’s wives after him (33:53), Aisha spent the next 46 years as a widow.

Where can I find in al-Bukhari if a girl is playing in a doll and has not reached puberty?

How can intelligent Muslim people follow Islam and just ignore these horrible details?

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It’s because you are looking a very different culture from the fkd up Western mind, which has a very different set of values. The Western minds, which are so attuned with Racism, Superiority complex, Arrogance, Self-centred, Greed of Money and Power, Moral bankruptcy/decay, Vulgarity, Immorality, Pornography, Brothels, Homosexuality, Beastiality, Incest, divorce, Abortion (they kill babies and call it choice), Tattoos, Breast and Vagina piercing, Alcoholism, Gambling, Drugs, Hollywood, Nightclubs and Bars with topless waitresses, Sex parties, Buks/Hens parties, Junk food, Commercialised justice system, Superficiality (nothing appears to be real; from female body to the media), Superficial needs (eg. Going to pubs every Friday and drinking bear to feel happy), Atheism, Satan worship, Celebrity worship, Consumerism, Use and Discard (of both material and humans), Rat-race, Environment rape, etc. And, you call it ‘Western values? Or Western culture. You show a half naked woman in motorbike ads and call it freedom, instead of vulgarity or women exploitation? A chronically sick society is what Western society has become. Arnold Joseph Toynbee said, ‘Of the twenty-two civilizations that have appeared in history, nineteen of them collapsed when they reached the moral state the United States is in now.’ You can not understand an Islamic Society with that well programmed and screwed Western mind. My apologies to those decent Western people, who also dislike the situation mentioned above. You are good people, and I don’t mean to offend you. But you need to speak up before the values in your culture are fully aligned with Sodom and Gomorrah. Going back to those with fkd up minds, with all the junks that have been forced into their brains without their consent, I have following to say; Islam has certain rules and recommendations about marriage, including a suitable minimum age for females to have sex. That minimum age is based on the climate and the genetic makeup of various races and the countries they live in. In hot and humid countries, like parts of Saudi Arabia, India and some other countries, females reach to puberty level at a significantly earlier age than the colder countries like northern Europe. The youngest mother in Peru was only 5 years and 7 months, another one in India was 6 years and 7 months, and there are thousands more who gave birth to children before 10, breast fed them and raised them like any other women. I am not suggesting that its ok for a 6 year old to get married and have babies, I am saying that its physically possible, and happens in many warm countries. Its not uncommon in a country like India (in certain casts) to get their daughters married when they are couple of years old. It’s their tradition, and it has nothing to do with a Westerner. West follows its own traditions, like living together and producing babies without getting married, a totally unacceptable practice in Indian culture. In Islamic system of marriage, the girl and her father have to consent to her marriage, but she can have sex only after reaching to puberty. That’s the age when her body is ready to bear and rear child. Prophet Muhammad followed that divine rule. You don’t have to follow, if you disagree, but understand that Islam has allowed that as the MINIUM limit, similar to the British Law that allows a 70 year old man to marry a 16 year old boy, or American law allowed 70 year old Rupert Murdoch to marry 40 years younger Wendi Deng. In case of Prophet Muhammad, the purpose of marriage was more than the marriages of ordinary humans. ‘According to Islamic belief, the main objectives of Muhammad’s marriages can be divided into four. 1) Helping out the widows of his companions. 2) Creating family bonds between him and his companions (Muhammad married the daughters of Abu Bakr and Umar, whereas Uthman and Ali married his daughters. He therefore had family bonds with all the first four Caliphs). 3) Spreading the message by uniting different clans through marriage. 4) Increasing credibility and sources for conveying his private family life. If he only had one wife, then it would have been a tremendous responsibility on her to convey Muhammad’s private acts of worship and family life, and people would try to discredit her to destroy the credibility of these practices. However, with multiple wives, there were a lot more sources to the knowledge, making it more difficult to discredit. Therefore his marriages gave more women the opportunity to learn and teach the matters of his private life.’ (Source: Wikipedia – Muhammad’s wives). Its worth noting that his first wife was 15 year older than him, and the remaining of his wives, with the exception of Aisha, were either widows or slaves. Looking from a sensible person’s eyes, marrying widows and slaves, to give them a respectable life, will be seen as a noble cause. Looking from a screwed Western eye, it could be seen as ‘harem’.

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