Wives of Muhammad: Sauda bint Zam'ah

One of Muhammad’s many wives was named Sauda bint Zam’ah. As Sauda got older, she became overweight and unattractive, so Muhammad decided to divorce her. Terrified of being abandoned in her old age, Sauda agreed to relinquish some of her marital rights in exchange for Muhammad not divorcing her. This was the historical background of Qur’an 4:128, which affirms the agreement: “If a wife fears cruelty or desertion on her husband’s part, there is no blame on them if they arrange an amicable settlement between themselves; and such settlement is best; even though men’s souls are swayed by greed. But if ye do good and practise self-restraint, Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do.”

Wow, Muhammad, you’re such a feminist.

Thank you for educating, thank you for sharing and exposing the cult of Islam, God bless you guys❤

Did Mohammed had time for Allah? Eleven wives, sex sex and sex🤣

Sir give some references on it in my comment box…I wanna check it out… I didn’t find this seerah


This makes sense because when later Mohammed had all the wives in tow, Mohammed was going to the house of Hafsa for his round time with her and saw her Christian servant Maria and liked what he saw, so he told Hafsa to go out of the house and she caught him having sex with the girl in her bed. This caused bickering amongst the wives, for Mohammed was replacing his wife with another. Some argue that Maria was a slave to Mohammed, thus a slave to his wives, but nevertheless, the time for his wife Hafsa was pushed aside for Maria. Mohammed wanted to divorce all his wives for their bickering and when Maria gave birth to a son, something the other woman failed to do, the child mysteriously dies. That is suspicious. I often wonder how much later did Mohammed get his dose of poison from one of these wives. Aisha hated the Jewish wife, Mohammed defended the Jewish wife. Hafsa was disgruntled with the Christian, protesting with the other wives to get them on her side, exempting the Jewish wife who would not be consulted as Aisha was the main wife that Hafsa consulted. So given the circumstances the only one likely to want to kill Mohammed would be the wife who was use to getting the most attention, and more prone to the greatest jealousy.

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First of all, there are a lot of Islamic sources that confirm that Aisha was almost 18 years when our prophet married her. I know you guys go and reference the ones that saying she was 6. Anyway let us assume your side of story is the right one, the first obviously thing is that in Arabia that time women were so less in number than men ( they were killed when they are infant as Arabs at that time believed they are the source of sham) so finding a wife was so much difficult and therefore marrying a one at younger age was common.
When Our prophet married Aisha no one accused him that time of doing something wrong/bad thing even his enemies who we’re trying to find issues on him Which means this type of marriage was common that time, so please don’t apply 21 century rules on what was acceptable 1400 years.

Also FYI, Marry " the mother of Christ" she was 9 when she gave the brith to the Christ, and when she married Joseph, she was 13.

This is the reason Christians are not allowed to teach Quran. They make pbuh look bad. These are both crimes in Islam. / sarc

Sauda was an old widow (above 60 with kids) when our prophet Muhammad married her, she was his first wife after Kadaga . He was younger than her, the reason of his marriage to Sauda was to encourage Muslim to marry Widows , in particular the ones with kids to support their orphans ( he was giving an example to his followers). Also Having more than one wife was ok in the old time ( a lot of prophets did that, Ibrahim is an example)

Seems unfair. I am glad my husband only has me, he could not afford another wife, even though I am low maintenance.

WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, I am confused, so who is a Christian ???
(a) Ibn-Kathir (b) Sahi-Muslim (c) Sahi Al-Bukhari (d) Ayesha
Sam and David are MERELY reading whats written !!! Please let me know if I am wrong - thanks

Sharia law says Christians cannot teach Islam or Quran. These vids are teaching Islam by Christians. Under sharia they are committing a crime. They could not do this in a Muslim country.

I will watch another and point out what the crime exactly is. Look for my comments.

@Jim Smith Mr. Smith, Don’t change the subject, ANSWER the question:
who is a Christian ???
(a) Ibn-Kathir (b) Sahi-Muslim (c) Sahi Al-Bukhari (d) Ayesha

All of them are Muslims. The guys doing the video are nonmuslim teaching/talking about Islam. Not allowed under sharia.

All of those guys are Sunni Muslims.

@Jim Smith Since all those are sunni muslims & these guys are Christians, then maybe you can teach me the sayings of these sunni muslims please ??? Why don’t you OR any other muslim (sunni, sheia, sufi) please explain / teach whats going on? lets just assume for one min that these guys are wrong in the teaching! thanks

why…you want to hide the truth becos its scarry huh

but its not scary that muslims take christian sources and blasphame it…infact mohammed himself in the quran was critical of other religion…so what are you saying