Woke Sports? LIVE with Adam Coleman (8:00pm ET)

David Wood and Adam Coleman will be LIVE at 8:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing the social justice/BLM push in sports.

Adam’s YouTube channel (Tru-ID Apologetics): https://www.youtube.com/user/scottlane7
Adam on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/adamcoleman/posts

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The black guy is Jew ?

Limit government limits problems in my opinion

Watch some Walt E Williams stuff he’s good

David my understanding is that CK has a 5 year girlfriend that is Muslim, they are planning a Muslim wedding.

Hey David, just wondering do you support anything other than white supremacists? Do you do anything else other than hating? So I just wanna know what legacy do you wanna leave behind after you leave this world?

Dog Liar David Wood

America is not a racist country. We are a country of 330+ million people. No matter what you do… strange/awful shit is going to happen sometimes. The media, for some reason, is hell bent on depicting America as racist through and through. So they highlight ANY bad event featuring a black suspect and white cops. It is a total lie. Search “Nigerian immigrants doing well.” in your search engine of choice. You’ll find out Nigerians immigrants do better than the average American in every metric. Income, college attendance, all the way up to PhD’s. In case you didn’t know, Nigerians are black. What sort of White Supremacist “system” would allow Nigerians and other African immigrants, Asians and Jews to excel more than whites? Whatever troubles the African American community has… skin color isn’t one of them.

This comment section is just sad. smh

Why take shots at his abilities as a quarterback for kneeling? If you have a problem with him kneeling then address that not his record as a quarterback. That tactic is very suspicious he is probably practicing white supremacy there😢

An open letter to all the professional leagues and team owners. A simple idea to bring back the people who pay the bills.

Play the national anthem BEFORE the athletes take the field. ONLY those players who WANT to stand will be invited out and certainly welcomed (and cheered) . Period.

Those who do not honor the flag can come out after its over. Thier freedom of speech is also respected. Everyone’s honor is in tact.

A newly energized fan base becomes obviously apparent, and as a result of that , a new revenue stream will emerge based on the merch surrounding “those who stand”. A simple league approved branded icon ( for each sport ) “Old glory” with a specific league logo and a simple silhouette of one athlete can be applied on a helmet or patch on a jersey ( AND ALSO MERCHANDISED on all apparel ) for “those who stand”.
When the national anthem is played it can be announced as such " and now for those who stand, our national anthem" .

At this point the leagues and the owners regain control of their playing fields ,courts and rinks.

Only the bravest players will come out first . As popularity rises for the merchandise surrounding the brave others will follow trend or at the very least follow the money.

Advertisers who see the opportunity will offer or extend deals to newly popular players and even more will follow.

In less than a season, the hearts and minds of the fan bases are back where they belong. In seats , in front of televisions and in line ( and online ) for merchandise.

I remain at your service,

Humble Fan

This idea of politics impacting sports is ridiculously overblown. The game is still the game. Football is still played the same. Basketball is still played the same. Baseball is still played the same. Players don’t stop the game to take a knee. Players don’t get extra points for debating political views. One team doesn’t dress up as the Black Panthers with the other team dressed up as the KKK to duke it out.

The problem is you’re working on a false premise that America is a racist society and cops shooting criminals is racially motivated. You should first examine this false narrative propagated by fake news media and academic leftists.

The answer is always the Gospel. Just like with all issues in the world between people, pride and hatred are a result of sin. You can try and do all the social justice work that you want, but it will never be the answer. Laws can only do so much. We should do the best we can to make sure that all people are treated right, but we need to realize that we can’t fix society. People will continue to break laws and harm others. That’s the result of a fallen world. The Jews wanted Jesus to overthrow Rome because they were oppressed. Christ came to save sinners and change hearts, not social structures. He will make all things new when He returns and all things will be made right. Our mission is to share the Gospel. I know I need to do a much better job of doing that and trust that the Lord will lead me.

I wonder if drug charges have longer sentences because of the scope and lasting impact of the crime. Your violent offense impacted a singular person in a large way no doubt, but a drug dealing offense has a lasting, detrimental impact on multiple lives. Dealing causes turf wars, addiction, death, medical strain through overdosing/violence/wrecks/pregnancy complications, violence due to highs, increased levels of poverty/child abandonment, increased strain on the foster system/DHS, and so on. A drug dealing offenses seems minor when singled out, but the sentence might by determined according to their societal impact—in which case a dealer is far more harmful to the public.

I received the same talk as a white kid growing up in Texas from My father who at one time was a prison guard in Kentucky. I knew better than to disrespect police, or act aggressive.

Much love brothers! I hope all of your families and ministries are doing well

Larry Elder

Would have been beneficial for Dave and Adam to advise blacks, whites and all other colors to “Not resist arrest” and especially resist and attack the police.

How will we keep a meek and contrite spirit when it is our turn to shine in the sun? Will we bow to God or Man? Will we become, as Matthew Henry said about Matthew 5:3, “high in spirit, poor and proud, murmuring and complaining, and blaming their lot…”

Or worse, extorting, vandalizing, depriving others of free passage, looting for what one wants, randomly bashing peoples’ heads, defying the law, denying and lying with well-framed word games and selective attention while cursing whole swaths of people not, themselves, indulging in twisted pride?

What are the new high and mighty actually resisting as they assault and even murder, calling it justified vengeance against those who stand for the law? And what does the law stand for that is being resisted, defunded, eradicated?

The most indulged generation ever on earth knows not what it does, demanding reimagined solutions that others must provide though they be nothing more than the pride of the original problem.