Women Are the Worst (ft. Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari)

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Muslim dawagandist Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari seems to acknowledge that women are lower than men in Islam, so he is amazed that so many women are converting to Islam. However, since women are regarded as intellectually deficient in Islam, should Akkari be surprised that intellectually deficient people are the ones who are embracing Islam? Anthony Rogers discusses the issue.

For more on women in Islam, be sure to watch “Three Quran Verses Every Woman Should Know”: - YouTube

Abu must be a homosexsual like mohammed was

lmao look at the results now. the only people that are converting are woods followers to islam, not the other way around. you all were cowards in the recent debates with sheikh uthman. keep coming my friends. youre making money and were getting converts. thanks.

It’s true , the majority of the ones who enter Islam are women. The majority of converts are women , they find Islam so beautiful that they are willing to convert willingly . No religion in this universe gives rights to a woman as Islam does . For those people who are interested , read the Quran , the Holy Book ; God Almighty revealed to the prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him ) May God guide and bless everyone , Ameen .

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Please make sure of your facts before you accuse…and don’t just play a piece of a video and not listen and understand the rest because that is not at all what Islam means…if you don’t know exactly what you are talking about please keep quiet and mind your own business

You simply cannot be intelligent and convert to Islam. Ramadan alone is a strong indicator of a belief in a flat earth. There clearly isn’t an awareness of regions near the poles. You can’t fast where the sun doesn’t set. No way would a universal entity get that simple fact wrong. Only a 7th century human mind would make that mistake

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This same thought about women by muslims is also prevalent in Brahmin sect of Hinduism.

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Women who enter into islam are loony.

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Islam is the ONLY law system that gave women the rights of inheritance, education, rights of being taken care of by their husbands through financially etc. Before islam the disbelieving people used to bury their daughters alive and deprived them of everything good. Before you open that fat mouth of yours, educate yourself.

So how are your reflections of a terrible 18th century “sect” representative of the actual religion?

Do any of you care that Abu Mussab isn’t saying women are the worst? He is saying “women in Islam are portrayed as the worst” (meaning by non Muslims who view them as oppressed and backwards because they dress in a decent respectful way instead of walking around naked in their bikinis and being sexually harassed everywhere they go.) He is saying despite the way they are stereotyped by non Muslims they are still converting in the dozens. I have many Christian friends who I debate with about religion but to see Christians lying like this and deliberately making out that he is saying something he is not is very low and deceitful. Shame on you.

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In this video, Abu Mussab says that, even though women ARE PORTRAYED as having it the hardest in Islam (with all the restrictions given to them “cover this and cover that”), they are still entering Islam at a higher rate than men.

That’s it, that’s all he said… he mentions nothing of women being stupid or unintelligent. If I’m wrong, please provide the timestamp where he does.

If non Muslim women allow Muslims in their country, They are wanting a beat down

Even though Islam is terrible religion for all human kind but Women are the most victims of Islam.
All Muslim women should denounce Islam and set them selves free. Why hell on earth and at the end islam road leads to hell anyway.