Women’s Rights in Indonesia: Female Flogging Force Unleashed

Indonesia’s Aceh Province is notorious for its implementation of Sharia floggings for gambling, public displays of affection, premarital sex, drinking alcohol, etc. Historically, public lashings have been carried out by men in Indonesia. However, Aceh’s Sharia Implementation Unit recently announced that it had recruited six women to publicly flog other women. Are the Sharia Police in Aceh focusing on women’s rights when they invite Muslim women to carry out whippings? David Wood discusses the issue.

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Islam really is sick!

But what thing that needs to be cleared out is that this sharia law only exists in aceh province, the 33 other provinces of indonesia doesn’t have this kind of law, hope you all will understand.
Peace from indonesia :ok_hand:

O wow pray for this people :pray:
This is just a different form of the Willie Lynch stuff

Thanks :blush:for sharing this :raised_hands:

Why aren’t men flogged?

Jesus, please save those whom have been oppressed in Indonesia because of Sharia Law.

That’s women empowerempowerment according to Feminazis!:fire::100:

Does this example not awaken even more Muslims encouraging them to leave Islam. Would anyone like to live under a violent governance.

What is happening to this world

“The only region in the world’s biggest Muslim-majority nation that imposes sharia.”
But tolerated by the rest of the country.

and by Metoo feminists in the west.

Islam should only be controlled by the state of israel. They know how to control these things.

Lucky she didn’t have her penis chewed off.

islamic sharia at it’s best . alhamdulillah , islam is so peaceful . wish they have some of their peace lifted so they could breath in Indonesia

Zakwan is monster.


It is called LAW OF THE LAND…like if a Black here argue with the POLICE IT A DEATH SENTENCE


You need to stop these LIES

Its not God who punish…but religious idiots who abusing Gods name…they should be punished!!!..And the Government should take the autonomy away from that Aceh