Yasir Qadhi Backs Down, YouTube Restores Banned Video!

Sheikh Yasir Qadhi recently filed a false copyright complaint, so YouTube removed one of my videos. This morning, YouTube notified me that my video has been restored!

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MUSLIMS: “We want the truth, as long as it makes us feel good about our book!”
YASIR QADHI: “You can’t handle the truth!”
DAVID WOOD: “Yasir Qadhi won’t tell the truth!”
YASIR QADHI: “YouTube, can you please take down David’s video?”
YOUTUBE: “Not today, Yasir!”
DAVID WOOD: :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

What a pity the internet wasn’t here in the time of Muhammad - we could have clips of Muhammad saying one thing in one place and something different in another place - which he did all the time. But we can still compare Allah’s DIFFERENT versions of creation in passages like Quran 7:54 and the reverse creation in Quran 41:9-12, and different versions of Moses and the burning bush in Quran 20, 27 and Quran 28 in which Allah can’t remember where his voice was coming from or which piece of land was sacred, was it the land the bush was on, the land a tree was on or was it the whole mountain valley? Or we can compare the different versions of Satan not committing shirk by bowing to Adam and again see if Allah can remember what he actually said, or whether Satan tried to defend himself or not. You can also ask WHY? WHY does Satan have to defend himself if he’s a jin and not an angel, when Allah only tells the angels to bow???

Seem like he can’t handle the holes.

How dare those Muslims say seeking Jesus finding cancer. It’s more like seeking Jesus finding eternal peace.

There’s no contradiction in that lol

Muslims should spend their time asking questions about their Quran rather than asking irrelevant questions on the Bible… Whenever their Imans couldn’t not find any answers to any questions, they always goes to their standard mode of reply “Only Allah Knows” … Muslims always tells Non Muslims not to question the Quran if you cannot read and understand Arabic but majority of Muslims in the world don’t know to read or understand Arabic :thinking::thinking::thinking: I’m from Muslim country and have asked my Muslim friends if they know to read and understand Arabic, they all said “No”… They only recite what their Imans or religious teacher teaches them…

Different Arabic Qur’ans😀

1, Qaloon Qur’an
2, Al- susi(ibn-katheer) Qur’an
3,Khaled QUR’AN
4,Idrees QUR’AN
5,warsh Qur’an
6, Hafs Ad- Dury (Abu - Amro alBasri) QUR’AN
7,Al- Laith QUR’AN
8,Al- Bazzi Qur’an
9,Al- Azraq QUR’AN
10,As - Susi (Abu Amro alBasri) QUR’AN
11,Ad - Dury(alkisa’i) QUR’AN
12, Ibn shanboodh Qur’an
13,Al- Asbahaani QUR’AN
14,Hisham QUR’AN
15,Ibn Dhakwan QUR’AN
16,Isa BinWardan QUR’AN
17,Sulayman QUR’AN
18, Ibn Jammaz QUR’AN
19,Ahmad bin Farah QUR’AN
20,Qunbul Qur’an
21,Showba QUR’AN
22, Ruwais QUR’AN
23,Shujaa’ bin Abi Nasr Al- Balakhi QUR’AN
24, Abu Amro Al -Ala QUR’AN
25,Hafs QUR’AN
26, Ruh QUR’AN
27, Al- Dury(Al Hasan AlBasri) QUR’AN
28, Hafs Al - Dury(ibn kathir) QUR’AN
29,khalf QUR’AN
30,Ishaq QUR’AN
31,Al Hasan bin Said Al- Matuu’l QUR’AN
32, Abu- Farah Al- Shan - budhi QUR’AN

Perfectly preserved MYTH :sunglasses:

Pity, Yasir Qadhi being a half baked scholar, amusement to the non Islamic critics, he took pride in his defective Islamic knowledge that didn’t help him in defending the preservation of Quran and this made Christians think Quran is not preserved…Yasir you brought shame to Islam.
Your defective knowledge of Islam, like most of those modern day wahabi shuyukh, killed your own iman.

Say what you like, broadly and do ur best to search for the mistakes of Islam “based on some individuals,” but I regret to tell you that your efforts will be in vain. Islam will continue to grow and is the fastest growing religion in the world since 2010 to this moment​:ok_hand::kissing_smiling_eyes:. It is true that there are some Muslims who change their religion, “most probably they do not practice Islam and they don’t really know their true religion, but there are millions of Christians and Christian scholars who convert to Islam. I dare you to find a single Arab who converts to Christianity Hahaha because simply a scientist is a smart person and thus knows the true religion and stick to it. But there are hundreds of Christian scholars who convert to Muslim religion only because they realize that they are on the wrong path after a years of searching and developing. You can complete the fight against religion, Islam. but unfortunately for you, Islam will continue to grow and we will not change our religion, whatever you and the scum who support you do lol :kissing_smiling_eyes::v:t3:Thank you.

I’m sure some do care that their leaders lie but they know they will not survive long if they call them out.

Thank you!

@Acts17Apologetics You should talk about New Age sometime Mr. Wood.

Wha ha ha. ‘There is no council against God!

Interesting observation is - they never ever show those differences and talk clearly because once they show no one believe , they know and they cannot trust their own sources, if they trust they will show the differences and explain. And yasir Qadhi from the interview with Mimi hijab, he clearly said , this is in YOUR books , what? YOUR books? are these not YOUR book too Yasir Qadhi? mmmmmmmmm

Muslim religion of peace :v: and Christian religion of love :heart_eyes:

Winning .

Even Biblical scholars admit changes in the text, but the text doesn’t contradict other text.

Wining wining wining for Dr D Wood. So proud of Dr D Wood. Love from Pakistani :fist::heart:

Good job as always David. … God bless you always.