Yasir Qadhi DESTROYS Yasir Qadhi in Quran Preservation Debate!

Yasir Qadhi delivers epic smackdown to . . . himself?!

Sheikh Yasir Qadhi claims that there is only one Quran, perfectly preserved from the time of Caliph Uthman, and that there are no differences between any two Quran manuscripts. But he’s been challenged to a debate by none other Sheikh Yasir Qadhi, who claims that there are different Qurans in different parts of the world, with different letters and different words. Who’s right? Are there “holes in the narrative”? David Wood moderates the debate!

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So who won the debate, Sheikh Yasir Qadhi or Sheikh Yasir Qadhi?

Dr Yasser Qadhi has a PhD in Deception - He can only a moslem has such qualification. What a religion

4:20 he is talking none sense.quran is one book period. the same in arabic.

Qadhi is the most cringe… his accent :face_vomiting:

The quran is a demonic book, you can only do so much for these people to convert

Destroyed… :100:%.
I’ve never laughed the Way I did…
Dr. Wood, you should become a standup comedian. You could be as great as the late George Carlin.

This video is underrated

:rofl: Sheikh Qadhi… please it is too much… you are exposing truths now. You won.
Thank you Dr. Wood

Jesus is the only way humbly ask he will answer you… No other gods can.

They both lost and are headed for hell

The truth is not in them because they do not love the truth.

Muslims continually need to contradict themselves in order to maintain the illusion of continuity in the Koran.

It’s called dialect


Okay, so your ignorance is noticeable throughout the whole video. It’s quite sad, actually. But here is an explanation. What he says in his third video, the video you consider as where he “contradicts himself”, is that there is ONE Quran. The only difference, though, is that there are recitation differences. The same way an American and a Scot pronounce words differently. Both the American and Scot can read the same book, but when they read it aloud, the public will hear differences in pronunciation.

Classic example of Islamic Taqqiyah. Different audience different message

This is my prayer
Lord may you cause prayers to come from all over the world for Yasir Kadh

confront yasir qhadi about this and he’ll probably use allahs good ol ‘jesus didn’t die on the cross’ explanation:

“that guy in the video wasn’t me, he looked just like me, same hair, eyes, glasses, voice but it wasn’t ACTUALLY me, allah only made it appear as if it were me, wasn’t really me though” :sob::man_facepalming:

Can‘t remember the Last time I laughed That much. What a Great Entertainment Brother David​:joy::joy::+1::+1::+1: