Yasir Qadhi Exposes Islam’s Four Stages of Deception

In his now legendary discussion with Mohammed Hijab, Sheikh Dr. Yasir Qadhi discussed the different stages Muslims go through as they learn about the history of the Quran. These stages, however, apply to all of Islamic apologetics, and they are stages of deception. David Wood discusses the issue.

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Blessed be the Lord Jésus Christ
Thank you Lord for David who is realy exposing the lies of thz devil

  1. They can’t do anything to make it any clearer that their goal is to keep people in a state of ignorance, they have reached the upper limit for that metric.

  2. a. It shouldn’t
    b. no

As long as the Muslims were silent the world gave greater respect and honor to their traditions and koran. Their critical views on the Bible triggred critical views on the koran and islam. Thus they are destroying Islam

Islam is already finished and the great wave will arrive very soon. Internet and global basic knowledge, will end this cult for good. More than 50% of all muslims are in their hearts already silent exmoslims. If there wasn’t an deadpenalty for leaving Islam, this satanic cult didn’t exist anymore!

Religion with capital punishment really means a lot without deep dive. Islam at its best deception enforcement - Don’t ask questions, don’t leave the religion.

Thousands of Muslims leave Islam every day thanks to Yasir and Mo!

Answer to Qu1 :- Fear. If there’s one thing in the Muslim Manuals that No-one has ever doubted it’s the penalty for apostacy.
Best guess Qu 2:- True Religion is as True Believers believe, and True believers don’t need constant threats to keep them from straying. They know what suits them.
Any outfit telling it’s flock to take comfort in blissful ignorance, rather than risking the folly of being wise, Obviously doesn’t believe it’s own pitch.
So how are they still in business? Ref, Apostacy, Penalty for.

Bro you have lost every single debate you have face to face with muslim scholars,you can just make videos likes this where u r the only one speaking ,you too know that islam is the truth

A true religion doesn’t encourage violence against criticism, rather it seeks to get its messages across in more understandable ways peacefully as we have in Christianity.

Muslims have been trained to be freaking ignorant since muhamad’s time and they are fine with that. I wonder how their brains work!

9:01 LOOOL

The truth is if every Muslim who claimed they read the Quran “front to back” multiple times, if they ACTUALLY read the Quran front to back multiple times, they would’ve left Islam by now. Islam is a cult full of mindless idiots who follow what these “scholars” say, the same scholars who fund terrorism in Islamic countries. Turn to Jesus.

The miracle of regurgitation! Pure genius lol.

:green_heart::green_heart:One who spreads false propaganda in the name of God is the greatest blaphemer of God.Absolutely God will be disappointed with that who knowingly supports false propaganda. :green_heart::green_heart:

There should be a T shirt…acts 17 apologetics with the YouTube thumbnail printed behind…


David for Governor!

Same conclusion I came to. They have never left Jahiliyyah.

Yasir EXPOSED! Great job David