Yasir Qadhi Slams Shabir Ally for Lying about Aisha!

Dr. Shabir Ally has been claiming, for many years, that Aisha was much older than Islam’s most trusted sources claim. Sheikh Yasir Qadhi, however, insists that Muslim apologists who deny Aisha’s young age are lying. What should we make of this disagreement? Find out in David Wood’s latest video: “Yasir Qadhi Slams Shabir Ally for Lying about Aisha.”

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This is a masterpiece

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Muslim apologists do not respect their own fellow Muslims, they deliberately hide the truth because of the shame of what it really teaches. In my videos, I explain Islam using their own sources, respect to all people, including Muslims who are also the victims of Islam.

This guy is a known liar and doesn’t know how to debate. It’s either “I’m not an expert or I don’t know.” Many scholars have said she was 19 years old. Yasir Qadhi is known to get lots of things wrong and can’t make his mind up. I’m not an expert of Islam but even I can defeat Qadhi on some things.

David wood and his followers are blatantly ignorant hate filled fools

Yeah, this is two person that rlly contradicting each other. I like yasir Qadui because of his truthfulness, while Ally probably the one i hated the most bc of this

Hey pea brain, so what if she was 9, you dont know how well developed her body was…

Clearly Wood doesn’t know anything and lies a lot. All he wants is money and fame so he lies about Islam. 4:89 is talking about a war context it’s not saying to kill innocent people it’s about those who are trying to kill Muslims read the verse before and after, 9:29 it’s talking about the pagan Arabs who were trying to kill Muslims due to that Muslims were given permission to fight back and kill those that were tying to kill Muslims, 9:5 is talking about peace treaty between Muslims and non Muslims in Mecca. The peace treaty was broken by the non Muslims so the Quran gives permission to Muslims in the battlefield to kill the enemy it’s not saying kill innocent people read the verse before. The verse also says if they seek peace take them to a place of security, 2:191 read the verse before and after. It’s for the attacked Muslims during the pilgrimage, only then Muslims were commanded to fight in self defence. But they were commanded to preserve the age old sanctity of the Kaaba by not fighting in it unless they were attacked first in which case Muslims had to retaliate. 2:190 also says not to fight those you aren’t fighting you.

Wood back at his stupidity. Yasir Qadir gets a lot of things wrong he also keeps changing his mind. He also thinks invoking the saints in Islam isn’t counted as shirk even tho it is. This man isn’t taken seriously. Many experts have said it’s 19 my cousin who studied Islam for over 20 years says it’s 19. Also it was normal at that time to marry young everyone was doing it Jews were getting married 12-13 years old .

The most punishment at the plain of resurrection will be on this people who are making mockery of prophet peace be upon him

Nabeel love shabir

U aaisha was Dix years

If God making a 15 year old pregnant to birth a messiah is not child abuse, then yall have double standards at best.

What about the consept of god in Christianity, is God one or the in one, u can’t even contemplate the simple consept of who God is in Christianity, what a shame Mr. Wood

You A Hypocrite. A Liar

I will laugh on the day of judgement when you are told how wrong you are… and you are sent to the hellfire…

Muslim apologists debunking each other .
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have you heard about king of england married princess of france in 1400 which being a pride of two nation while she was 6 yo. what can you learn from that justly. being fair.
being not sentimental. can you learn something from that

have you ever heard of england king marry princesss from france which being pride of two nation in 1400 something which the princess is 6 yo…whar can you learn from this…

can yoy guys learn something justly