YouTube Age-Restricts Images of Burn Victims

This morning, I posted a short video about a family in Uganda that had been sprayed with acid for converting to Christianity. YouTube age-restricted the video because it contained an image of a girl with burned skin. Why do Susan Wojcicki and the YouTube Trust and Safety Team believe that children should never see the faces of burn victims?

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If you’re old enough, you can see the age-restricted video here: - YouTube


I fully agree with you on this one. YouTube should remove the restriction on that video. At least YouTube should be consistent in the application of its norms. BTW, where is Ilhan Omar?

Ya allah the last picture ruined my day, it was so deferent with other pictures, its so sad i dont want this even if i had an enemy, i dont know if it was fire or acids but if its acid so it is an attack, who does such things are worst than animal there must be deferent rule them about torturing these animals before their execution, its so sad i wish i would never see that, i will never forget it.

ATHEISM AIN’T GOT NOTHING NEW OR BETTER TO OFFER THAN THE VERY RELIGIOUS BELIEFS THEY’RE CRITICAL OF SO IT’S HYPOCRISY AT IT’S FINEST :joy:. Hello this is for all you Atheists, unbelievers and skeptics. I’m going to address a few misconceptions and lies about God’s Character and His Word. The Bible doesn’t support chattel slavery or anything else Immoral. Ok so Atheists and unbelievers say God is either Immoral, incompetent or not responsible so let’s see what The Scriptures actually say. God revealed himself and created a nation in a real, historical context. It was a world with a slave-based economy, with city states often at war with each other, with polygamous marriages to ensure the continuation of family lines. The laws of the Old Testament regulate this behaviour. Slaves are to be treated humanely (Exodus 21:11). They are given rights and not seen as mere possessions. Hebrew slaves were able to buy their own freedom. Human trafficking is condemned (Exodus 21:16). In contrast to the law code of Babylon, Old Testament Israel was a light to the nations. The Old Testament law and narratives do not stand alone. Jesus is now the best example of what we read. So the moral teaching of the Bible cannot be summarised by a quote taken out of context from the Old Testament to demonize God and His Word. Slavery was permitted in Old Testament law but it was regulated by God giving the Israelites instructions on how to fairly and humanely treat their slaves (it was like indentured servitude where someone could work for you if they owed debts or needed income not cruel like chattel slavery). God allowed the people of Israel to own slaves since they themselves has already experienced over 400 years of generations of Egyptian slavery and knew how inhumane it was to be beaten, overworked and taxed so God set them apart from other nations and cultures around them by giving them a fair way to treat their slaves since slavery had already existed in the world but it doesn’t mean God condoned it just used it for His Will to bring Good And in the light of the whole scriptural teaching, we find the reasons for its ultimate abolition (Ephesians 6:9; Colossians 4:1-3; Philemon 15-16 and Galatians 3:28). The Word of God provided the moral standard against slavery in the Roman Empire and against the slave trade in the New World.
But what of genocide or holy war in the book of Joshua? Several things could be pointed out. The use of warfare in the ancient world did not always mean literal total destruction, even when events are described in such terms. Furthermore, the book of Joshua does not describe a genocide. It is not a race who are being wiped out, as in genocide, but a religious practice which was often appalling and degrading. Those who repent (like Rahab from Jericho or Ruth) are not destroyed but become part of Israel. It is not the racial group that is in view but their “detestable practices”.
However, after all is said, we must still acknowledge that God brought judgment on the nations of Canaan. It is not our place as believers isn’t to sugar-coat the Bible. For some skeptics, this is enough to make God a moral monster. But the fact is that Jesus continued to affirm that God is a Judge who will bring a future judgment on all peoples and all nations. God’s judgment will be just. The list of Old Testament stories rejected by critics often leads to a similar dismissal of the New Testament teaching of Jesus on the existence of hell.
After all, what was the Flood of Genesis or the conquest of Joshua if not a glimpse of future judgment? Hell does not demonstrate cruelty on God’s part, but it does demonstrate His Holiness and our moral accountability. Perhaps this is the real reason many people rail against the God of the Bible? It is not that they think He is a moral monster, but that they are afraid He is a moral Judge, and that has implications for our behaviour now. God is an Eternal Almighty Spirit Being and we as His creatures have Eternal souls and spirits so the punishment for our sins against Him must therefore also be Eternal but so must the reward for righteousness that’s why He sent His Son Jesus to live a perfectly righteous and sinless Life (which none of us could ever possibly expect to do) suffer the humiliating and torturous death of crucifixion to shed His Own Blood willingly so that all who willingly accept His gift of salvation by grace through faith in Him will be saved and given Eternal life because that’s what God wants is for us to willingly accept His gift of salvation and choose life. Exodus 21:20-21 literally speaks about capital punishment befalling anyone who mistreats their slaves so yes people are taking Scripture out of context to demonize God who literally promises that slaves who are mistreated under someone else’s authority is to be avenged. When we hear the word “slavery” we think of innocent human beings, kept prisoner for life, having no rights under law and so reduced to animals. This is clearly immoral because it is unjust: the slave has done nothing to deserve the treatment.
The situation described as “slavery” in the Bible was nothing like this. It is more accurately described as one of indentured servitude. Many “slaves” were indentured servants, working for a term of years
Some other “slaves” were prisoners. There were no prisons. Prisoners had to work to live like everyone else. Some had life sentences. Some served a term and were released.
People didn’t beat their good slaves but treated them well and protected their assets thus.
But no matter how rebellious a slave was, you couldn’t just beat them to death. And if you knocked out their tooth or damaged their eye then you had to set them free. (Exodus 21:26). God wasn’t using what other nations did because He wanted to set His Chosen People of Israel apart from the cruel, inhumane and unjust systems other cultures had so He gave them a fair way to treat their slaves and servants.
There is a lot of ignorance on this topic which is understandable given the age we live in but it’s not the nefarious set up we think of when we think of modern slavery. The question Atheists must ask themselves is how come the Jews aren’t being accused of slavery and human trafficking if they’re guilty of it in The Bible and why would white slave owners rip out pages from The Old and New Testament Scriptures to justify their owning blacks as slaves if The Bible already justified slavery?

AMEN brother David Wood burn victims are human beings with injuries nothing more or less than anyone else it’s kinda stupid to censor the appearance of their suffering.

JihadTube …

This is such double standards by You Tube. David Wood keeps knocking down the shakey ramparts thar support this false religion that is Islam

Even YouTube agrees Islam is violent crazy smh!they made it very clear these images are violent hideous outrageous.

Yeah please let’s not go down that rabbit hole. Innocence is so precious. Don’t be on the side of ending it as early as possible for kids.

YouTube staff are lying about this. They’re trying to protect Islam, they don’t otherwise care about the images, which is why they don’t have a problem with the other images shown.

well,somethings shouldn’t be seen by kids

Hello David I’m not age verificat and you can still see the picture in the uk.

Disgusting daemonic cult. How can you escape the judgment of the LORD

This is sick and revolting…

We were watching “Ninja Scroll” at age 8. Was badass

This isn’t surprising for me, because I really know that this is still allowed in Sharia Law of Islam and it was quite normal in the Islamic world of 14 centuries of pure Islam.
Unfortunately world leading giants like UN, EU and even USA :us: don’t believe this as the truth. They simply think these are all made-up nonsense by Islamophobia agents.
I have no idea when those idiots are going to witness the true, pure face of Islam.What could be secret agenda hidden behind these atrocities ??!!
Oh remember ?!! Epstein didn’t kill himself ?!! Does the super wealthy really want this sex slaves market to thrive into their future generations as well ? But this has to be stopped permanently.

Think about it, people! Acid-spraying women’s faces makes them hideously ugly. In order to be able to function in society, they need to cover their faces. Which religion wants women to cover their faces?

:rose::leaves:Put her picture on Twitter. If Twitter takes it down, make noise. Things may change if Musk sees it. He has a heart and is still pained at the loss of his children. I would bet he’d pay to give her skin graphs - even if it is secretly. On the other hand, she is a testament to the silent persecution of a group which is oddly marked always as the oppressors. She looks beautiful to me. Her face still stands.