YouTube Bans Criticism of Honor Killings (Freedom of Speech, Hate Speech, and Deplatforming)

YouTube has been increasing its censorship of content, claiming that the platform is simply taking further steps against hate speech. However, as everyone knows by now, YouTube isn’t just cracking down on hate speech. It’s censoring and banning content that isn’t supported by the woke left. As an example from my channel (Acts17Apologetics), YouTube recently blocked a seven-year-old video for condemning honor killings in Islam. How far is YouTube going to go in its war on freedom of speech? Time will tell. In the meantime, social media deplatforming marches on.

View my video on Islamic honor killings on Bitchute: Honor Killings in Islam (Video Banned by YouTube as Hate Speech)

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I’ll be LIVE with Robert Spencer at 6:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing Tommy Robinson’s conviction on ridiculous charges. Here’s the link: - YouTube

I’ve held back on Commenting on this channel but come to the uk if you don’t believe it. Yes I know I use my real name, imagine that


Is quoting from the KORAN hate speech? David, you are treading a thin line!(lol)

I think we have move to Rumble :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I Definitely see your Point on a Lot of things, David.!

5:57 “…the rest of the world doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to unite against it…” D.Wood :smile:

Islam encourages honor killing and YouTube allows it wow. If you criticize honor killing in any fashion you would be the demonetized and a strike will be held against you. YouTube is sick deeply sick.

You could give U Tube a thumbs down instead of the finger. We get it!

Not anymore…you can’t talk about Blacks. You can say anything about Whites :roll_eyes:

Great now, crime is hate speech!!! How much stupider can YouTube get!!! You should start in Rumble!!!

The only white man you can’t criticize and hate on YouTube is the Islamic Prophet Mohmmed.

Who runs YT review team. Also I would like to see the list of the protected people.

Who flags things like that?

We Want this from Youtube ! if YouTube will interfere in every Christians videos , then Youtube must erase all Islamic videos that are against the Holy Bible and us Christians.

Gosh, does that apply to the families of the victims? Because actually you never hear from them.

This video is 1 year old and still as actual as ever…

Well , when Muhammad said a " black man" would eventually destroy the sacred, pagan ,shrine, was this his only prophecy?

If hate speech is illegal in youtube … then all muslim apologist in youtube are guilty and should be banned in return.