YouTube Bans Video for Exposing Muhammad's Racism

This morning, YouTube notified me that my video criticizing racism had been removed for violating the Community Guidelines concerning “hate speech.” The video was titled, “Who Will Destroy the Kaaba? (Prophet Muhammad Answers!)” It discusses Muhammad’s “prophecies” about a thin-legged black man from Ethiopia demolishing the Kaaba. Since my video criticizes Muhammad for convincing his followers that a black man will destroy their holiest site, we can only conclude that criticizing Muhammad is now “hate speech” on YouTube, and that videos critical of Islam will be flagged, censored, and banned. To watch the video, click here: This is my video that was just banned as "hate speech" by... | Minds

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UPDATE So, after YouTube took down the video and then restored it, they took it down again: - YouTube

YouTube does not care about black people. Don’t be deceived. There are truly racist people and videos on YouTube but YouTube looks the other way since it’s their golden children.

You tube suck cocks

I’m surprised this video made it up

Muhammad is a racist and he will be in a jail for hate speech if he lived today.

This is how Youtube read David’s video: blaah blaah black man blaah blaah blaah Mohammed blaah blaah blaah…Hey that is racistic hate speech!

david wood is not a doctor his a trash shit

I just watched your video. I have a theory, there are no humans watching your videos. The Muhammad is a racist video has a lot of wording that without context an algorithm would immediately snatch up. I know this is an old video but I hope it finds you. I have a test for you,
Think of the most inflammatory video you can think of but don’t use any trigger words for example racist terrorist and the like. Think of something that is truly truly inflammatory to Islam just stay away from trigger words I have a feeling stay up

YouTube is toast. I can see your days here coming to an end David. I hope to see you more on bitchute.

U tub i am starting to hate you

Lots of Love from India :heart::hugs:

Telling the truth is called hate speech in Islamic

David we love you, Thank you for the education :pray:t3:

My hate is increasing for this false prophet. I am going to work and late my leg to be thin going to stay on the sun to make my self very very very black. I wish I can destroy it. I wish Obama was Ethiopian. By the way I am Ethiopian that why I am really angry.

Please David how can I get the video of the destruction of the kaaba

Wow! Unbelievable. Hey, was Mohammad a black man that didn’t like being black so he made all his followers say he was white?

This his only prophecy? How can this have gotten flagged obviously it was done erroneously by idiots. Wonder when this guy will show up.

BRAVO~! David win!

Even if it was hate speech, it’s still FREE SPEECH, that’s the whole point of the U.S. Constitution first amendment. I have the right to hate something or someone but not the right to infringe on the rights, property or liberty of another.