YouTube Demonetized My Channel after I Promoted Other Platforms

After more than a decade in the YouTube Partners Program, YouTube demonetized my channel. Interestingly, I was demonetized just hours after promoting BitChute, Minds, Rumble, and LBRY.

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If you’re gonna walk on thin ice, you might as well dance!

Alhamdulillah. Thanks to youtube for demonetizing a cross dressing Islamophobe. And no, you weren’t demonetized for so called ‘exposing Islam’. You were demonetized beacuse fueling hatred and Islamophobia. You deserved it

Hi David. Is your channel still demonitized?

YouTube ethics are terrible !

You should make a video showing your Christianity.

Love your work

@Acts17Apologetics Hey David I found this quote concerning YouTube that could explain it:

“Did you know that YouTube co-founder, Jawed Karim, is Muslim? “

I just read the comments and became a patreon supporter!! :clap::clap:

YouTube safety team is made up of 25% of Muslims.

1:36 “It could be 6 months from now”

Me: Wait a minute, this vid was uploaded 6 months ago

checks videos

Me: his last video was 14 hours ago so he isn’t gone yet.

1:36 “it could be six months from now.”

Me: Wait a minute, this vid was uploaded 6 months ago.

Checks channel

5:33 no muslim is a true muslim if he mocked Jesus period. Where do you hear this? I wanna slap their faces or if not you are the one i going to slap.

Let’s boycott YouTube . Those channel that expose communism is also demonetise.
YouTube shall fell shame, is there a channel that create videos to attack YouTube ?

Same with my channel, but they say I use other videos and this is huge crap. I’ve made an appeal showing that all videos are mine, but this is not enough. Now they want to show them how a make a video… WTF… I’m 15 years on the platform.

I hope one day we will work Together…

We Love You Sir

I wanna be real with ya as a follower of Jesus Christ my Lord,
I expect the worst to happen to me from those in the world,
But I pray in that all the time,
I trust God his word says I will not give you any more Than you can handle


Thank you brother for those links. And may God continue to grow and strengthen your ministry. God bless you and your family :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray: