YouTube Finally Got Something Right! (Restores Banned Boom-Boom Episode!)

The YouTube Trust and Safety Team is usually garbage, banning content and ignoring legitimate appeals. Apparently, however, YouTube has been taking such constant criticism from creators lately that the Trust and Safety Team actually restored one of my videos that had been banned as “hate speech” (even though the video was simply making fun of hate speech). Here’s the restored video in case you missed it: - YouTube

“Muhammad Meets a Klansman” is back, Baby! Here’s the link: - YouTube

Let’s goooooooooo

Keep kickin ass Dr. Dizzle

I was wondering how I just started seeing Muhammad in his boom boom room I thought it was a jihadi raping kids :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I would love one Boom-Boom episode were Hitler talks to our love to hate so-called prophet

Ahahahahha yes! Victory for the truth and free speech!

You can’t bury truth for too long…

I hope you are and family ok.God bless for you all )))

Yaay nice

Awesome. I didn’t know there was an episode I missed. This is like Christmas came early, 2 episodes back to back.

Praise Yeshuva , praying for you and your ministry.

Wotcha, DeWood! Love from Yookay! Excellent result! Xx

Thanks D wood we love you

Awesome! Youtube, you did something right, thank you. Hopefully, this can continue.

Congratulations to your victory :+1:

Please keep up your good work. Shops are now afraid to put up Christmas decorations in my neighborhood…for fear of the encroaching Muslim presence here.

David, could you please respond directly to this idea: Please make available all your YouTube videos on an indexed (series of) DVD(s) that we can buy to have regardless of what YouTube thinks of them. Thanks.

This is great news! I watched it on BitChute, but I’ll go and give this YT version a nice little like!