YouTube Rewind 2020: Islamic Apologetics Edition!

Time for our 2020 YouTube Rewind! 2020 was the year of the most epic meltdown in the history of Islamic apologetics. David Wood discusses what led to Sheikh Yasir Qadhi’s “Holes in the Narrative” interview with Mohammed Hijab, and the meltdown that followed. This video features a rewind of the meltdown by Qadhi, Hijab, Ali Dawah, Ijaz Ahmad, Adnan Rashid, MENJ (The Muslim Apologist), and Farid Responds. Welcome to 2021!

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Clips of Christians showing Muslims differences in various Arabic Qurans were from Soco Films: Holes in the standard narrative (Revisited) | ft. Bob, Paperboy, Hatun | Speakers Corner - YouTube

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Repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, believe in your heart that He has died for sins and rose from the tomb on the third day and let the Holy Spirit within you, and you shall be saved.

I can’t stop watching this video hahaha

You are honest

And now in 2022 these abdool clowns have even more examples showing the depravity and dishonesty of their cult. Hijab admitted the quran teaches ‘extreme pedophilia’ and that even 5 year olds are not safe!! With apologists like that it is no wonder there is a “tsunami of apostasy”.

David you’re vile repugnant depraved foul mouthed critic of Islam…
Keep up the Great work !!!

Funny & entertaining vid. Keep it up, Sir. Their false “truth” is tearing them apart.

Youre my favourite christian.
Regards, an Athiest

David, you are not good at all. And you problem is that you know nothing about Islam :rofl:


LOL, it always cracks me up how you try to keep from laughing… I wonder… How many retakes before you can get through making a video? :joy::rofl:

Watching and reminiscing 7 months later… still gold! :ok_hand:t3::sparkling_heart::+1:t3:

You mean “if islam was the Titanic” gotcha:)


This is my all time favourite Video of DW.

DW you are getting mad. Just be cool and truly search the true path. I hope you will be guided soon.

This is comedy gold.

Modern Bible-virus

This hijab :clown_face:

It’s very clear to see that islam is not a peace reigion, even they should feel embarrash by saying that islam is a peace religion because it’s not have peace at all