YouTube's Copyrighted Content System Is Garbage

So YouTube is once again removing videos for containing clips that are clearly used for purposes of education and commentary (i.e. fair use). YouTube’s entire copyright system is garbage. Watch the video on Bitchute:

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Here’s the link to the blocked video again: Ricky Gervais Slams "Woke" Celebrities at Golden Globes!

God bless you David

The copyright claiming system is automated. This just happened to me the moment i pressed the publish button, but the only effect seems to be that i can’t opt to monetise. Trouble is, in my case, the content isn’t even owned by the company making the claim - one of their bands sampled it in a possible case of plagiarism. I’m posting a video with more details on this

No method of birth control is 100 percent effective. Sad that you compare embryo/fetus to a toddler :sweat: sadly you’re just another man with internalized mysogyny…

I think I already saw and liked it, David, but their handling of these things is just likes google’s collusion in voting processes. It sucks.

Justin Peters recently had this happen over a video on Kanye and Osteen. While waiting to have the video reviewed he reposted with all the ‘copyright’ content backed out, typing in the missing dialogue. Repost!!! -Danya

Can you authorize “sub” for your next vidéos as you did for the first ones? Thx

They are trying to yeet the him critical of the swells.

When I now post your videos on MEWE thay only post the link and have eliminated the rest in an attempt to make them less interesting. No surprise to me.

Thanks Dave, :sunglasses::+1: I’ll check it out.

There’s a simple solution. Get everyone who used footage from the Hollywood wankfest to go in together on a class action suit against YouTube and whoever filed the claim against it. If YouTubers would just do that consistently for six months, the whole system would change.

You’re Golden Globes video is still up. I watched it immediately after this one.

The video is back on!

The only time I watched Global Awards because of Gervals. I saw the one you posted and Mike Dice.

David Wood “The Father of Logic”

Just unsubscribed from Youtube Account, and will support you on bitchute instead. YT Content Sytems is garbage, don’t want that any cent is givin to those censors! - I’m from Germany and we know were this leads to 3rdReich & GDR!!!

The video has been restored. Lucky for now

Never understood how music that is included in the video game, can not be used while someone plays that video game, because of copy right reasons ?? It is included in the games sound track so why ? I agree YT is a bunch of dirt bags !!!

Maybe I was a little boy with golden hair and eyes of blue, maybe I ‘m like you, what could I be if I’m allowed to live . Pray that women who have abortions will repent before it’s too late.