YouTube's Hate Speech Hypocrisy: Terrorists Protected, Critics Banned

According to YouTube’s Trust and Safety Team, Muslim YouTubers are allowed to threaten to exterminate ex-Muslims. But the Trust and Safety Team also declares in the Community Guidelines and the Monetization Guidelines that Muslims are a protected group, and that any speech that is likely to offend Muslims is “hate speech.” How did free speech and censorship become so incredibly distorted on YouTube? David Wood discusses the issue (with some help from the Apostate Prophet and Ali Dawah).

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In YouTube’s response to the Apostate Prophet, the Orwellian Trust and Safety Team said: “We understand the value of free expression and take great care when we enforce our policies.” Which part is more ridiculous, that they “understand the value of free expression,” or that they “take great care” when enforcing policies?

I found this a facinating video. I was encouraged to search “YouTube hate speech ads” after being shown an ad for Prager U, that right wing social media group posing as a university of knowledge, where they were interviewing parents against LGBTQ+ education in schools. It didn’t sit right with me, knowing how fragile the community guidelines are, to see this ad, or any ad from prager, could be approved as a paid promotion. It amazes me that they so blatantly violate their own rules and regulations for money.


Tommy is modern day hero

This comment may not be here for long, like it and comment while you can. Three of my playlists got striked for “Hate Speech” when they are just unlisted music playlists. One more and my channel is gone.

I love Hate Speech Playlisting.

Watch kashmir files and see IMDB rating and meltdowns of jihadis

why are muslims and jews protected but christians aren’t?

Proud to be Christian

YouTube promotes hate speech. It also promotes pedophilia. There I said it. Tired of the games. Delete my channel if you wish you lying hypocrites!!!

YouTube’s policy regarding content & even comments is controlled by a bunch of dumb people who just want to push propaganda of a particular ideology

YouTube should be renamed as HypocrisyTube

Any attack on white straight Christian is not considered hate crime by hypocrite YouTube

No they don’t YouTube don’t stick to their own policies,YouTube contacted Interpol because my boyfriend posted a few racist comments that he regrets posting,YouTube have broken their own rules,instead of deleting his account they contacted Interpol who then contacted the British police who then came and arrested him,he now has to go to court in a few weeks and is facing a possible prison sentence,he is calling on all solicitors that can take his case on properly and fight YouTube on their set policies that they have not stuck to,this is a huge blow to freedom of speach and he will seek legal advice,gone are the days when we could speak freely and in some cases have a small outburst,from an anonymous account,if they came after him for something so small they will also come for you,we have children too,they took his laptop and phone and are looking to see if he’s part of any extremist groups,basically he being treated like a terrorist for posting a few comments that he regrets


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I’ve reported many peodophile sites groups etc showing indecent pictures of children. These did not go against community standards

All these mainstream social media platforms are the same. Facebook’s policies are exactly the same.

i support U and I am Muslim(born into it and not following it, i ignore it and i don’t call myself exMuslim either)…i don’t believe in any religion and still I am not atheist…utub policies and batshit crazy…not only one u expose but their sexual content policies too…they recently removed meaningful video on female sexuality while they allow all kind of meaningless nudity everywhere…these stupid ppl with stupid policies are making utub not safe but dangerous place…U have got new supporter “Acts17Apologetics”.