Yusuf Estes on the History of the Catholic Church (David Wood and Anthony Rogers)

David Wood and Anthony Rogers discuss some video clips of Muslim apologist Yusuf Estes explaining the origins of the Catholic Church. Hilarity ensues.

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I will pay 1000 dollars to any charity of someone’s choosing if they can show me where on the Vatican website it says that Alexander the Great founded the Roman Catholic Church.

In fact, I will also become a Muslim. I am so confident that it in fact doesn’t.

I challenge all the sons of mut’a including muhammad to find what estes said on any Catholic site. I will buy you a one way plane ticket to Somalia.:unamused:

Did Muslim Dhul Qurnayn (Alexander the Great) of the Quran actually build the Roman Catholic Church. What an honour. So Islam did exist before Christianity.

brother David, how may I contact you?

Any Catholics here who are not Roman citizens? :joy:

You have to know Estes story. His family owned a failed Christian bookstore. Some Saudis walked into the bookstore and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. He converted to make money. He and his family were all slimy. He now owns a mansion that he keep hidden from his ignorant followers.

just how long did Jesus hang on the cross ??

@Salmon Player, Jesus created mankind, gave them free will, and died for them. Those who appreciate having been created, value their free will, and have enough awareness of their sinfulness that they embrace their Savior, are given eternal life, which begins in this life and carries over into eternity. As an old song says, “One door and only one, and yet its sides are two: inside and outside–on which side are you?”

There is a drastic difference between Catholic, which word by definition means Universal, “Roman” Catholic means “after the practices of Rome” which means adoption of paganistic practices, celebrations, idols, etc., and the assignment of the Roman Bishop, by Constantine’s political decree, as head of all those churches designating themselves as “Christian”. At that point all the various churches were forced by decree to honor and accept, under force by government support, to honor the papacy as the lead of the Christian churches, including all their pagan adaptations “Christianized” by the reigning pope. Anyone with time and inclination can uncover the falsehoods of the Roman Church. Today the current exposure of rampant pedophilia within the church, the coverups, the bonding with current paganistic religions, Buddhists, Hindus, Islamist (perfect example Pope John Paul showing the most blatant of this by kissing the Quran and saying we worship the same God), Eric, etc, etc. The Roman Catholic church, filled with and arrayed in scarlet and owning billions and billions of wealth gold, hoarding the majority while doling out minimal amounts for newsworthy recognition, is for political purposes only. “Roman” Church means after the tenets of the caesar’s.

, even so, small c versus capital C catholic. Usage is the question!

The Catholic Church is the most corrupt organization in human history. More violence has been carried out in its name than any other organization in history. It also has the most child abuse scandals out of any organization in human history… and dont get me started on their covert arm, The Jesuits…

I am a retired history teacher and although I had some incredibly thick-headed students, there were none as brain-dead as this man. Apparently his audience is worse than him. Hey, wasn’t it Alexander the Great who found the people who lived by the swamp where the sun sets? Now it makes sense.

It just proves that the Islamic leaders are themselves not only primitively stupid, but treat their flock like a completely brainless cattle. Bearing in mind they’re not challenged at all and still have millions of views, they’re RIGHT.

Lol this stupid men

I’m Roman catholic, and it’s so funny and crazy what he is saying

I’m just subscribe to he’s channel, what a donkey and a joker

Jesus wasn’t a Catholic in the same sense that Mohammed was not a Sunni. Our modern understanding of what it means to be a Catholic is something that was developed later after Jesus; Similarly, aspects associated with being a Sunni (which is what Mohammed was by today’s standings) developed much later after his death, when Islam began to splinter into denominations.


I am catholic and i know he is a liar…