Zakia Belkhiri’s “Peace Selfies” (and Her Antisemitic Rants)

Recently, a young woman named Zakia Belkhiri showed up to a rally being held by anti-Islam protesters, and she began taking selfies with those who had gathered. The BBC, Huffington Post, and many other sites praised Belkhiri for dealing with the protesters peacefully and for setting a positive example. A problem arose, however, when people went to Belkhiri’s social media pages and found viciously antisemitic comments. In this video, David Wood discusses Belkhiri’s posts and the double standards of the media.

She’s clearly a chewish infiltrator.

Brilliant as always

Thank you Dr David Wood for all the good work you do. We love you and appreciate you :fist::heart:

“The BBC is every bit as racist as the KKK.” (3.50) Love the truth!

“filled with the most vile anti-semitic rants since Mohamad dictated the Quran” LOL

if a Jew did the same thing, i bet no one would call him/her a ‘hero’. why do people give Muslims more love than Jews? why don’t they (i.e. the Left) give an equal amount of love to both sides? not only do Jews get hate from the Far Right, they also get hate from Muslims yet the Left doesn’t give two craps about it when Muslims are doing it.

and yet they’re claiming that they ‘support’ Jews and love them equally as they do love and support Muslims.


God bless you bro David wood may God bless you wisdom knowledge n understanding God will protect n depend his children n his churches from demons Muslims

Nonmuslim cannot take such selfies in front of Muslim mob (doing things like wanting teen marriages, female genital mutilation, being offended by cartoon or a joke, sharia etc.)

For those with ears to hear.

many western medias are secret zionist supporters, they are afraid of christianity and so secretly hate christians, they want christians to be made to look bad, they never support christian charity, have u ever seen them making a donation for a good christian cause

These are the same people who say it’s okay to punch Nazis. So it should be okay to punch her right? No it would be a national news story about vicious unprovoked hate crime against a poor Muslim girl.

Also it should go without saying but she shouldn’t be punched.

according to Mitochondrial and Y-chromosome DNA [lineage tracing science has shown] all humans go back to 2 individuals [just as the Hebrew scriptures declared long ago!]! science shows there is “a “Human” race” and only subsets of family lines in that category [so racism is not about race because we are one race! it is about using excuses to hate and attack, discriminate and harass other’s because of philosophical and physiological differences [?including? status? wealth?] alone!.. no animal kind has ever morphed into another and most educated scientists know this, but are paid very well to say otherwise! [see the fossils have a specific place the spine enters the scull; and magically most every sample they offer as transitional have this part obscured or broken. they admit the fossils have zero evidence among them selves but say the opposite in the taxpayers textbooks! remember they used separation of church and state to assert the Hebrew scriptures that say do not lie, cheat, steal, rape, murder, bear false witness, defraud anyone for any reason… making the good news with its good rules inadmissible by stating “having only one view “is not fair” [boo hoo]. so once they had their fabricated curriculum placed in power; they illegally and immorally declared the Hebrew scriptures “unscientific” and banned the truth from our schools and public arenas! and america went from “the greatest nation” to “the greatest debtor nation” in a single generation from 1962-the present is many folks alive right now’s generation…] again fraternal orders such as masons and jesuits a jesuit priest brought the fraudulent pilt down man to england fabricated to trick folk over there and our hoax evidence was nebraska man! a pigs tooth was used to assert a fake race of proto-humans as evidence of evolution see scopes monkey trial fraud masons were having their dog and pony and monkey show there I can tell you!! as rome has for over 2 millennia via fraternal orders spying on; and using indoctrination and psychological manipulation on the masses! they control the information therefore the mentality and philosophies of the masses. only having certain data points forces the seeker to draw conclusions only in the specific areas delineated; despite their being absolutely errant [or true]! that is the point of their tactics! !!! !!! now Israel is a tribe and islam is a fraternal order of warring factions from many nations, bloodlines, philosophies and paradigms conspiratorially aligned and publicly & secretly associated posing as a religion and blindly following the example of their white roman legend and leader muhmud the long dead [{non} prophet] for profit” terrorist!! islam calls for Israel’s destruction because they did not accept muhmud’s folklore [so he demands and commands; hate, rape, kidnapping, slavery, discrimination, terror and murder over a philosophical difference!] but yet 14 centuries later and they have specific passages in their writings that call for their subjugation, humiliation, and or and even eradication of Israeli’s all because they had the truth so they did not and could not fall for his easily disproved folklore! he was no prophet, he offers zero science or wisdom, and finding a single aspect islam benefits any society is a severe challenge for an informed individual…but determining their mentality towards israel is written in their books of hate and subjugation, deception and discrimination!! hating Israel specifically for refuting their fabricated folklore and calling for their punishment SPECIFICALLY, AND HER ALLIES AS WELL SECONDARILY IS RABID AND RADICAL RACISM! AND IN NO WAY PEACEFUL!


lol taqiyya belkhiri :smiley: :smiley:

takiya lol

represent the bronx n JesusChrist hala!!!
keep bring it God got ur back

Taking selfies does not make you brave.

the only reason she could take those selfies and live to be called a hero is because she wasn’t a non-muslim posing in front of a muslim rally. those pictures, more than anything, show tolerance and peacefulness of the protest rally participants.

I have low expectations about Muslims. A huge number of them have been living in the 7th century for too long to be able to accept the truth that Mohammed wasn’t a prophet.