Zakir Hussain vs. David Wood: Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, and the Covenant

Christians believe that God made a covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. But Muslims believe that Abraham’s son Ishmael was part of the covenant. Which view does the evidence support? Zakir Hussain of the Muslim Debate Initiative debates David Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics.

Even in david wood comment section he lost

David just can’t stop taking L’s💀

O Israel: the Lord our God, the Lord is one.
But how Christians think about it.:point_down:
O Israel:, The Lord is United (Father, Son and Holy Spirit 3 but 1)
In short concept of God in Christianity
Father is Jesus
Holy Spirit is Jesus
Jesus is Jesus
Faith in Christianity:
The belief that GOD sacrificed GOD to GOD to save GOD’S creations from GOD.
It means
Jesus sacrificed Jesus to Jesus to save Jesus’s creations from Jesus.

I was keep on looking what Zakir quoted from bible thats where I felt doubt n then David came explain whole chapter. It’s totally different what Zakir has quoted. I really gaved thanks to God for that I m christian I suggest people who r watching this go through the scripture what there r quoting n u will find the answer . Hallelujah :blush::raised_hands:

Zakir Husain all the way…

:heart::latin_cross: good job

“Truth stands out from error, Assalamu Alaykom” Mashallah what an ending

When everyone in a christian youtuber’s comment section is admitting that the Muslim guy won, you know he’s truly won. David was fumbling about in this debate with no good points to offer.

I figured it out. I figured out how to make the perfect arrangement for Islam. Go to the bible pick out verses that support what you want and throw every thing else it says out.

Muslim make no sense in turning to the bible and useing it to prove a point. But when the Christian uses the Bible to prove their point, they immediately turn and say that part is corrupt.

David wood you did great job.

The victory to David could not be more clear.

Who is here after Debate between David and Daniel

Great Brother Zakir

Another great victory to Zakir Husain . Islam always wins .
Holy Spirit was absent to help David Wood.

Zakir knows his stuff in great depth and detail. I would just say the delivery needs to improve. Too many points gone through very quickly that its hard to keep up with them. Yet every point is so good he needs only to elaborate on a few to pound Woods with.

David Hood is the Best God bless you there is no proof of the Muslim lol

Wood bot again lost , how many tym mora u gonna lost now just shut ur fake business up :rofl::rofl:

As a Jew sorry but zakir destroyed him…