Zakir Naik BUSTED for Lying about Bible Verse! (Will His Followers Defend Him?)

In John 20:17, Jesus said, “I have not yet ascended to the Father.” According to Dr. Zakir Naik, “ascended to the Father” actually means “died.” Unfortunately for Dr. Naik, the rest of the verse shows that, according to his reasoning, Jesus died, and therefore rose from the dead! David Wood discusses Naik’s epic blunder.

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Zakir Naik’s blabbering is the most disturbing sound I have ever heard. He just creates unwanted sounds

Jesus did not die .
He was not crucified and was not killed.
He ascended to God.
He wiĺl be a sign for the end of times when he comes to prove the christians wrong.
Because the claim that Jesus is God is not a small matter. It is the most incredible and enormous blasphemy and since he did not claim it, he will come to refute it.
When you say he was perfect, you forget that he said God was greater than Him and when he was called good, he said only God is good
You forget that he prayed and prostrated to God same as all the other messengers of God.
Therefore he was a messenger to the people of Israel as he clearly stated.

Zakir Naik really loves to lie…lying to him is as important as breathing to live…I guess if he doesn’t lie he’d never have a large following of liars trying to cover up his lies!

God bless you Mr David ur saving some of us that our voices can not be heard

Very, very true indeed. I have been listening to their interpretations and I realised that they interpret bible verses out of context.

Zakir is a liar

You DAVID WOOD ,let me clear this, That we Muslim Consider Muhammad Just massenger of God , Not more than that and there’s no any secret and myth in it. People laugh when they hear your words and your thoughts about Muhammad, You exaggerate his status beyond our expectations. Jesus Christ also preached,But in the way that people carried stones dropped on ground. I always looked your studies and research very admirely and highly esteemed level. And no doubt I have learned much more from you. But I am sad to see that you refer to those Muslims who are illiterate or do not have much knowledge and you always present the character of these innocent people Infront of audience. Your method of preaching doesn’t match your level and personality the sencable Christian understand this very well.

What is the bible you use ?

Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior!

You’re an english man and don’t understand simple english? He meant Jesus hasn’t ascended because he was still alive he didn’t mean you have to die to ascend are you okay?

Love u from Bangladesh… :heart:

God bless u

You should know you won’t go free from this things you are doing to ALLAH Prophet Muhammad and Islam because you are not the first
Since the beginning of world there has been rivals to ALLAH and all destroyed and disgraced and all those that chose to be enemy to Prophet Muhammad were destroyed as well
Just wait
Just wait

You will remember this warning maybe

If he is lying in front of everyone tell why did not any wise cristians correct him…get logical not stupid
No body is forcing u to become a muslim but dont make a fool of yourself

At first Go and read the quran after come to make a video I love zakir naik from Japan I want to accept Islam love love the quran it’s so beautiful book I read every day

It’s not lie I also learned Bible and another’s books there are a lot of mistakes in Bible science say that.
Science is agree with quran

they will lie about everything and hoodwink you… if you dare to listen to their crap. the first lie is - they also believe in Jesus Christ. when you hear that from a muslim, run away from them. they are the kings of liars and deceipts… :grin::grin:

The problem why people follow false preachers are because they do not read the Bible or just a nominal christians.

Dear Mr Wood,
I can give similar explanation from Hindu scriptures which says when an incarnation incarnates on earth most of the times they behave like men, express their feelings like men even though internally they are totally different.

To set examples to humanity they affirm God and his existance as though they arecseperate from him. It is just to set examples for mankind about their spiritual goal.

Since they are embodied we tend to think they are like us, ine amongst us, where as they are infact one with God at the consciousness level as they are from God Himself.

This much understanding cannot be understood by believing fans of Dr Zakir Naik who do not have any questioning spirit but only blind believing spirit.
Why blame Dr Naik.He at times himself also is like them albeit having more cunningness.