Zakir Naik EXPOSED by an Angel! (Jesus and the Sign of Jonah)

According to Zakir Naik (and Ahmed Deedat before him), when Jesus told his followers about the “Sign of Jonah,” he was trying to explain that he wouldn’t die on the cross, but would instead miraculously survive crucifixion. But the angel at the empty tomb and Jesus himself demand a very different interpretation of the Sign of Jonah. David Wood discusses the issue.

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Why does zakir naik say peace be upon him. JESUS IS PEACE

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Any one who is not a Christian will never accept the truth even it stares them in the face

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Thanks again in death there is separation of body and spirit so Joseph of Arimathea took the body of Jesus and buried it in a cave but where is Jesus spirit as the spirit never died its the one that went to the heart of the earth or hell

Why don’t you deal about sign of Jhona

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If you don’t mind Mr David, I will kindly like you to host a debate with Mr Naik… The world would appreciate that a lot from you, thanks

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Satan always pervert Gods word. Same way his son Zakir Naik is doing.

Not just Matthew but Luke 11: 29-30 also has this statement:
As the crowds increased, Jesus said, “This is a wicked generation. It asks for a sign, but none will be given it except the sign of Jonah. For as Jonah was a sign to the Ninevites, so also will the Son of Man be to this generation.
So it plainly states that He would be a sign to this generation. What would that sign be, I’d like to ask if He did NOT die on the cross and rise from the dead? “Oh wicked generation! Here is my sign! I did not die yet!” Them: “WOW! What incredible sign! He’s just like millions of others still walking around the earth! We should repent NOW!”
Further down in the comments Sahih Luke notes something David missed- If the Muslims now claim that Jesus was put in the tomb, but did not die- they have a big problem since they claim He was never on the cross!! Why would he be put in the tomb for 3 days?? Are they now claiming He snuck into the tomb for several days so that when the stone was rolled away He could sneak out without anyone seeing it? Think of how bizarre this is_ What was He in there for in the first place? Further, the Muslims themselves make no such strange claim! What on earth IS this guy now claiming???

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Yes Jesus also said 3 days and three nights. But if u count it, it wasn’t even proper 2 days. So Jesus got it wrong. So are u going to say Jesus lied. According to sign of Jonah it must be 3days and 3 nights and also Jesus must be alive, but the 100% man was not alive, and if the 100 % god and 100% man did not die then no one died for any sins. Then who did god pay the price to, to God the father god the son or god the holy spirit. So u saying god paid himself with himself. We are speaking about a Triune God that is co-equal and co-eternal. If u eternal u can’t die. Did God pay the price to the devil? If so then the devil must me powerful. So was it 3days and three nights and was Jesus alive like Jonah?

We do not believe what zhakir has said. We believe in what the angel told to the woman. Does angel of god tell lies ? These doubts may arise when we read the bible superficially. Thousands of zhakirs may come but they cannot alter the established facts.

The abdoools only apply context to the holey narrative but won’t do so with the Bible. I know why… so that they can try with all their might try to fill the holes in the narrative…