Zakir Naik Exposed: The Sign of Jonah

Zakir Naik claims that Jesus offered the “Sign of Jonah” (Matthew 12:38-40) as a prediction that he would survive crucifixion. But can anyone seriously believe that Jesus was telling people that he wouldn’t die, when he repeatedly told his followers that he would die on the cross (Matthew 16:21-23; 17:9, 22-23; 20:17-19; 21:33-40; etc.)? In this video, Sam Shamoun and David Wood expose the absurdity of Zakir Naik’s argument, conclusively proving that Naik’s assertions are driven by ignorance and deception, rather than by evidence and logic.

So plainly Jesus says: I’m going to be killed by crucifixion and be resurrected three days later then psyke I’m going to be carried away and someone else will take his place

Why don’t you go and debate him on a stage instead of saying it in place were he can’t see the video?

zakir naik is the most bigioted person I have ever seen. I am ok with his stupid opinions but he tries to force them absurdly and influence innocents. He is the reason for terror attacks in Bandladesh, India and many other places. He should be punished on earth , he does not deserve after life treatment.

You are Hippocrates and non rationals .it ur own pathetic opinion

Whale could have being leviathan -just sayin’ my man my africanamerican yo’

Zakir naik just chooses a sentence in the scriptures and interpretes it anyway it suits him.

Zaik Naik and Deedat have used this argument to deny the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. This explanation is the one main reason I consider both of them as desperate people who will lie, twist texts to deny the account of the bible no matter what. I have stopped taking them serious as it appears to them that the end justifies the means. Even if they had to lie to defend thier point of view.


Mr Davidwood kindly debate with zakir naik if u have guts to prove

This is proof the Bible contradicts itself, and is proof it’s not the word of God, what’s so miraculous of a time period? If it takes me 3 days to go to Florida is that the sign of Jonah?

The bottom line is Christians contradict themselves

How can God be killed?

When this God was killed was his dead body still God?

If Jesus soul was 100% human and his body was 100% human, what’s left to be God?

The miricle it self was the event the moment people saw him hanging on the cross that was the miricle if we were there we will also said that Jesus’ died on the cross we would say he die like Jonah when people on the boat with Jonah when they saw the wale swallow him tthey said he is dead he is gone not knowing it’s a miricle of God you Lord God is One for you God the Father now day if you say this you are called heretic blasfmy for saying God is one but some new thinking a new way a different way according to other according to Jesus there is One God and when he returns this Will be his first mission to bring back the believe in One God like jewish people like muslim people that what happens to you when you don’t keept the 10 comand you go astray

Jesus is alive, alive alive and alive :pray::heart::heart:

I think Zakir is the one with the speech impediment

Bloody Liars !! :-

He said it’s “TIME FACTOR”

NOTE* :- It was Good Friday (Sabbath day for Jews, on which night comes first then day, and at sunset the day changes) :- According to these two fools time factor was emphasized by Jesus Pbuh (i.e 3 days and 3 nights) so let’s count :-

  1. Friday Night Jesus Pbuh was brought down and put into the sepulchre :- 1 Night

  2. Saturday day, Saturday night (Jesus Pbuh was supposed to be in the sepulchre/tomb) :- 1 Day + 1 Night.

  3. Sunday (First day of the week) When Mary Magdalene goes to tomb of Jesus Pbuh she finds it empty :- Nil

Total Time Spent By Jesus Pbuh :- 1 Day 2 Nights.

So According to these two fools Jesus Pbuh is lying,

Muslim Explain :-

  1. There is no miracle about time, it doesn’t matter how much time or less time you spend in grave or tomb or whatever, it doesn’t makes it a miracle

  2. Miracle is when you are expected to be dead, but you are ALIVE!,

Jesus Pbuh said in Matthew 12:40 :- For AS JONAH WAS three days and three nights IN THE BELLY OF A HUGE FISH, so the Son of Man will be three days and three nights IN THE HEART OF THE EARTH.

Note* words in caps :- “As Jonah Was”

Question :- How was Jonah Pbuh in the belly of the whale ?

Answer :- ALIVE! PRAYING TO GOD (and this was the Miracle)

So Jesus Christ Pbuh clearly talking about being ALIVE!, as if you count it from time factor Jesus only stayed there one day and two nights, whereas to make the fools claim right he needed to have stayed there three days and three nights which he didn’t,

Crucified does not necessarily mean died

Nana Nana zakir naik will never learnt hahaha he is a joke…he is a stand-up comedian…we could ever witnessed hahahaha

Let’s look at the sign of Jonah again.

  1. Jonah did not appear to be in the whale, he actually was in the whale. Therefore, Jesus did not appear to be on the cross, he actually was on the cross.
  2. Jonah was in the whale, not someone who looked like Jonah. Therefore, Jesus was on the cross, not someone who looked like Jesus.
    The sign of Jonah proves that Jesus was crucified.

whats miraculous if i say I travel from US to Africa for 3days and 3 nights…LOL,
NOTHING…THEREFORE the time factor is no USE

Hahahahahahahahha…even the time factor was not like jonah. Ahmed Deedat and Zakirr Naik proved it