Zakir Naik Is a Joke!

I get several messages per day asking me why I don’t debate Zakir Naik. The answer is simple: Zakir Naik is a coward who refuses to face experienced Christian debaters. Naik has never once faced an experienced Christian debater, and he never will. In this video, I present three reasons for concluding that Zakir Naik is a joke. (1) He portrays himself as a champion debater, when he runs from the debate challenges of every Christian who regularly debates. (2) His organization pays people to convert to Islam (just as Muhammad did nearly fourteen centuries ago). (3) Muslims who don’t speak English are brought to Naik’s English lectures to cheer for what he says, even though they can’t understand him.PATREON: more on Zakir Naik, watch these videos by David Wood (Acts 17 Apologetics):“Zakir Naik Proves That Allah Is a Mouse”:- YouTube"Zakir Naik Proves That Jesus Is Muhammad’s God":- YouTube"Zakir Naik Exposed: The Sign of Jonah":- YouTube"Refuting Zakir Naik on the Crucifixion of Jesus":- YouTube"Refuting Zakir Naik on the Deity of Christ":- YouTube #DavidWood #ZakirNaikIsAJoke

Watch Zakir Naik accidentally ADMIT that Jesus is the God of Muhammad: Zakir Naik Shocks Christians When He Says This! - YouTube

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You are joker :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Bring Muslims to cheer…blatant lie……cya Mon Wooster…scrapping the barrel buddy

This man is saying a guy with a doctorate in medical and memorized the Quran and the Bible a joke. Meanwhile he needs his laptop to quote bible verses.

People were paid to convert to Islam?? This is why there is no salvation in Islam.

I have watched zahir naik and he like to turn things around and I knew he was a joke

I’m loving this.

don’t say nonsense bout prophect Mohamed Salah allahu alayhi wa salam

Dear David , I just want to correct the misunderstanding that you’ve said about this verse , I don’t know how you’re saying that giving to poor people money or food is that he’s paying them to enter to islam , although you said things that my prophet didn’t did I said dear David that’s Islam . We don’t have racist or differences between anybody even if he’s not Muslim , BTW Zakir Naik himself says don’t judge the religion by the people but judge religion as whole like to know more about the Prophet Mohammed his lifestyle and more peace brother.

I actually enjoy watching religous debates, but only if people with sense stands behind it. So the first video I watched of this Zakir guy was of an “Israeli woman” bringing “proof from the Torah” that prophet Muhammad was written there. Stands there a woman in hijab. Her Hebrew from which she’s reciting the Torah from is so broke I barely understood what she said, she was really suffering there. Then the source she brought had nothing to do with prophet Muhammad and it was very clear her understanding of the Hebrew language is a total of zero. THEN that sheikh just jumped on that claim and brought another 100 places from the Torah where allegedly Muhammad was mentioned there, all having nothing to do with the actual meaning of the Hebrew words. THEN that hijaby woman, in a very clear English accent took her shahada right in front of the crowd and everyone cheered and I was like really? :joy:
Now that you’re saying these are payd actors it makes perfect sense. My God

you can not mess with zakir.

Zakir Naik can deal only with innocent people. He has runaway from even a university student on Science.

Zakir is coward who is coward only devil.

David sir I love forever.

You dont know anything , if you actually watch his videos you can see knows more than you about the bible, he studied not just islam countless other religions so zakir knows what he is talking about

You are joke

If you want to question him, go to his lectures and question him, lets see that happen instead of online

Bro I saw your debates with all Muslims and lost every one of it, Dr zakir naik wouldn’t want to debate with someone that never won a debate

Remember willian cambell?