Zakir Naik Shocks Christians When He Says This!

Dr. Zakir Naik has been preaching for years, but Christians NEVER thought he would go this far!

One of Zakir Naik’s favorite topics is “Muhammad in the Bible.” Dr. Naik claims that when Jesus spoke about the Comforter in John 14:16, he was referring to Muhammad. But there’s a problem for Dr. Zakir Naik here. Jesus said, in John 16:7, that if he goes away, he will send the Comforter. So Jesus is the one who sends the Comforter. According to Islam, however, Muhammad was sent by Allah. So if Jesus sends the Comforter, and Allah sends Muhammad, and the Comforter is Muhammad, Jesus must be Allah! See how Zakir Naik proves that Jesus is God in this video by David Wood!

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Thank you Jesus for the comforter…

A good speaker but u cant safes on the jugement day dont speak against other religion instead mind your mouth

Clearly taken out of context. Moreover the comforter can never be the Holy Spirit as he has been sent to all the prophets since time immemorial. Jesus does not have go away for the Holy Spirit to descend. The narrator is obviously an unknowledgeable person. What a shame…

The narrator clearly doesn’t understand his bible or he is purposely twisting Zakir Naik’s words.

ZAkir Naik the new comforter is the HOLY SPIRIT not Muhammad .I pray one day you will receive Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour Zakir Naik.:pray::clap::raised_hand:

Zakir Naik the new comforter is the Holly Spirit nor

Prophet Mohammed is dust now but Jesus is alive and He is living at the right hand side of God He will come again to judge Mohammed is dead he is not living then How he will live with us for ever according to DR J Naik

Zakir naik one of the top follower of false prophet

Mohamad is Liar… and follwers sama as mohamad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Since Jesus gave a hint that with God’s permission a comforter will be sent and who will speak of what he hears from Jesus and this comforter will reprove of sin, righteousness and judgement. So my doubt here is, people in those days were weak in faith and that’s why God always test our faith, now what if this hint or message that Jesus had given spread amongst people, knowing what the past was many could have claimed to be the comforter and written different versions of the qur’an. Remember, there was 600 years for this to happen.
In the 7th century, is when Mohamed claimed that the qurans written in the past were wrong n he has the right one and to burn the others, which he told his wife. I’m not sure her about her character, but what led her to poison him. Was she not fearful of the god of Mohammad?
What is common back and now is that people who didn’t believe that Jesus is the son of God wanted him to be crucified and there are people who still disagree that Jesus is the son of God.
That is why Jesus tells the disciples that He has to the father and only then the comforter will be sent forth to spread the work of God that Jesus is the son of God , Jesus was resurrected and the prince of this world was judged .
If you look at the role Moses had, God always spoke privately and gave specific instructions to him, and the people had to follow the same. The people did give up faith as they depended on Moses and he was in the mountain being instructed by God. So they made bull statue of gold n worshipped it . At that moment God wanted to do wrong to them but Moses pleaded God to forgive them. Similarly, Jesus clearly says in the same chapter or the next , the way to the Father is through Him. This is a clear indication that our sins will be forgiven by believing in Jesus and the teachings of Jesus. As it is mentioned in the Qur’an as the believers of the Injil to judge by the Injil.
So the test of God is this on our faith, will the people of God believe he sent his son ? Will they believe he (Jesus) rose from the dead ? If they believe Jesus will come at the hour/day, like how Moses asked God to forgive us, it will be Jesus at the hour n who ever denied Jesus as the son of God will be denied at the hour/ day .
I may be wrong to many , and to them i ask why isn’t God coming at hour / day ?

The Bile cannot be discerned through intellect.

Mr Naik is so confused about all his theory and definitely misleading Muslims. But the amazing thing is this: every time he tries to deny the sovereignty of Jesus Christ. His stupidity exposes my Saviour Jesus as God, Lord and King over all. Thank you for your expose’

At some point in time, unblinded Christians Will Eventually See clearly the disclosed Truth That God Is Not A Trinity And That The Holy Spirit Is Just The Omnipresence Power Of God and not a third being … May God Bless You All

Bible is the only book where it gives answer to every question If you read thoroughly Dr Naik is misunderstood as prophet muhammad Jesus is telling about comforter he says about the Holy spirit. Now Holyspirit is working in me and in you very well explained yes Jesus sent the comforter

Zakir is indeed extraordinary


Hello. Zakir Naik never talks about what’s written on the Quran.

Zakir Naik already ashame now.
His talk is deceiving.
I used to hear his talk.
He lies muslim, not christian.