Zakir Naik's Fans Can't Stop Lying about What He Said!

Last week, I posted a video showing Dr. Zakir Naik claiming that Jesus is Lord. His fans had no choice but to start lying about what he said.

Here’s the link to Zakir Naik’s presentation on Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection (shortly before Naik calls Jesus “Lord”): DEBATE : WAS CHRIST (PBUH) REALLY CRUCIFIED? | TALK + REBUTTAL + Q & A | DR ZAKIR NAIK - YouTube

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Would you buy a used car from Zakir Naik?

How david wood raised an entire community of decievers

Jesus is indeed lord and Mohammed is the antichrist.

I wouldn’t buy a popsicle from this guy. They can’t respond with a rebuttal. Only call you a liar. So what is the truth then? Defend yourself.

David keep up your wonderful work :heart: We are all in with you proud to be Christian :heart:

Lord of lords

Thank God father for Jesus give me holy spiritual powers healed done. Its miracle Me too 4th without face vision very very beautiful This is my story…
I thank my father God for opening my eyes and awakening my spirit! I was struck with fear from covid-19, the state closed the churches last Jan 2020. I was struck with fear, guilt and shame! In March this is what happened to me, I was speaking to God and asking Jesus to forgive me and give me a second chance for all of the sins I have committed, every day for nearly 3 months I prayed! For 2 months 3 weeks and 3 days straight. When I prayed, I prayed on my knees and what I saw was a vision of Jesus standing on my bed and He was watching over me for about 10 min. The vision was without Jesus’ face. It was very beautiful. It was dark blue, but brighter like the earth :earth_americas:. I could feel the glory of God. The next day I felt very different, inside my body I could feel the Holy Spirit and the POWER of God! It was very beautiful. I could feel the Holy Spirit inside of me. My body had suffered from a snowmobile accident for over 6 years and I felt very weak and under my ribs on the inside but never had any insurance. A few day later I forgot about my pain and I realized it wasn’t there anymore. It was my miracle from God! My father was very very sick and it was from covid-19, and I cried out to God and pleaded for Jesus to heal my father. He looked like a dead man walking. 3 day later he was much better without a doctor or the hospital. GOD HEALED MY FATHER AND SAVED HIS LIFE FROM COVID-19! Until this day I have seen 35 healings from Jesus and had a total of 520 over visions from God and the Holy Spirit all since Apirl 2020. When I read the Bible or even touch it’s like the living word whispers to me and sounds like music to me, it’s amazing! Thank you, Jesus for breaking my chains of captivity and I thank God that all of my demons are gone! IT IS A MIRACLE! I want to you know that Jesus is real! The Holy Bible is real! And I am telling you because I do care about you and I love you!! Jesus Christ is coming soon. Please turn away from your sins and give your life to Jesus!
Your life matters! Your soul in eternity matters!!
God bless you!
In Jesus name amen :footprints:Remember I told you… Jesus never said follow the Muslim faith. Jesus never said follow the Buddhist faith or not even the Catholic faith. Jesus said “Follow Me!” We do not follow religions. We follow Jesus only. Jesus said… "I am the way, I am the truth, I am the life, nobody comes to the Father but by Me (Jesus).
Matthew 16:24-26
Take Up Your Cross and Follow Jesus
24 Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him (A)deny himself and (B)take up his cross and follow me. 25 For (C)whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. 26 For (D)what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?Mohammed is not the way, hinduism is not the way, mary is not the way, JESUS IS THE WAY…

Thank you

Muslims are also saying peace be upon JESUS, like the way they say to muhammed, don’t they know that HE IS THE PRINCE OF PEACE (Isaiah Chapter 9 verse 6)

I’m agree too with you brother even i wanna debate to dr. zakak …

The LORD Jesus Christ said unto his disciples: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits." Matthew 7:15-16

Fear allah . Don’t be ignorant .

Mohammed is not coming to save the world but Jesus Christ is…end of statement, Zakir Naik misguides people, Quran has constantly highlighted about Torah and Gospel and called Jesus as Ruhullah means Spirit of God, which clearly explains the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, problem is Muslims don’t read their scripture in a proper manner and then they learn Quran from such fake people like Zakir Naik, where Ruh-ul-Quddus means the Holy Spirit in Quran…funny Zakir Naik is saying spirit has no flesh and bones, resurrection and risen means born in flesh and bone again, we as humans are all spirits and the LORD GOD gave us flesh and bones and created us in HIS own image and descends us on Earth. In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, as a Muslim my Lord is Jesus because I know the Lord is coming back and before coming He himself changing the heart of humanity, Mohammed task is done, and it is all about Jesus :heart:


Muslim and Proud

just wait and see :grin:

We are waiting for your video with sheikh Othman :grimacing: ohh sorry I forgot you edit the video first lier . In my live i had never been a lier who finished 9999 times and lie again

I really hate him , he is from India and in India he spread lie and hateness about other religion specially Hindus… Initially I was shocked to seeing him speaking lie infonts of so many muslim people… i was like how can you speak like that , there are so many people who listening you and following you ,it’s your responsibility to speak something on facts and truth… But just sake for spreading Islam he trying to disgrade other religion… For Sake of Allah or God ,he must stop spreading hate …Thank God! His org. is banned in India now…

Zakir naik is best liar and best joker also